Planned Communities in Hampstead

MARCH 2009: IMPORTANT! This is dated material, and subject to change, update and amendment. Please do not use anything you see and read here the basis for any decision you make or authority in resolving a conflict with your association. ALWAYS get the latest information from an officer in the association. (I am interested in helping make public information accessible, but not interested enough to go up to Burgaw and pay 25 per page to copy the various documents. If you have a copy and would like your HOA covenants listed here, or a link to an existing copy on a website, just let me know and I'll add it here.)

Homeowner Associations exist because property owners in certain neighborhoods, in the absence of municipal government, want a common set of behavior and land use regulations to maintain the quality of life in their neighborhood. To that end, planned community associations are formed with restrictive covenants that 'run with the land' - that is, when you buy a property within an association, you are automatically bound by the rules in effect, the restrictions and covenants. Much of the residential property in the central Hampstead area is composed of the larger HOAs.

Hideaway Shores Homeowners Association

Olde Point Development

Castle Bay Subdivisions

Olde Point Property Owners Association

Olde Point Estates Homeowners Association

Topsail Greens Community Association

Topsail Greens Covenants, Restrictions, Conditions  

Belvedere Property Owners Association Bylaws and Covenants

                Amendments, Sections 1 & 2      Amendments, Sections 3 & 4

Coastal Plantation


North Carolina Planned Community Act - From Chapter 47F: NC General Statutes  
Before You Build - Hideaway Shores HOA Architectural Review Criteria (Revised 2/97)
NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources - rules pertaining to open burning    

Additional helpful reading, NOT official documents

What IS a community association and how does it come into existence? Am I bound by the covenants?
From Living in a Planned Community - an owner's handbook, by the Community Association Institute
Ways to Promote Resident Participation - from another CAI document
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